Coloring Book

A lot has changed


Artist: Chance The Rapper

Released: May 13, 2016


A lot has changed

After hearing Chance’s last album, I can say, Chance isn’t like any other rapper. His album cover changes with a connection to one another. Each cover photo is a representation of his face looking in a certain direction. 10 Day was an album that was released on April 3, 2012. In this picture he is looking up, people say he just finished high school and is looking up to the rap world while he is still young. Then, in April 30, 2013 Acid Rap was released but this time he is looking into the picture, relating to him looking into the rap world. He looks confused and slightly more mature with trees and a cabin behind him, as people say it’s best to drop acid near the nature. Finally, May 13, 2016 arrived and Chance has released Coloring Book. He has a smile on his face this time. He has come so far and has reached the top. “Maybe the place he was looking up to on the cover of 10Day is where he finally reached on Chance 3,” says Yoh.

The album seems to be a mix between gospel and rap. He has many different artist featuring in his songs to make every song different and unique, and that is what I love with this album. Every song has a different meaning and tells a story. Not only that, but Chance includes many top artists such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, Lil Yatchy, etc. He even includes the Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir.

Chance starts his album with the song, “All we got.” This song features Kanye West and Chicago Children’s Choir. He says, “I get my Word from the sermon/I do not talk to the serpent/That’s a holistic discernment,” which is from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Chance is very faithful and follows Gods path.

Knowing the fact that I love both Gospel and rap, this album was perfect. It helped bring the connection I  have for both God and music and bring them together.  He is a very good role model to many teen boys. As many people go through struggles in their life, Chance is a man that has overcame them. He now knows what is important in life and cares about everyone. He’s not so much in the music industry for the money as many other artists like to show it off, Chance recently released a Christmas album for free just for the heck of it. Finally, Chance is very strict about record labels. In the song, “No Problem,” he explains how he feels about them. He wants complete control of his music no matter what, he says, “I make what I wanna make, when I wanna make it, with who I wanna make it with. And, in the end, I still own everything that I create. And just the understanding of giving up that piece of the pie to anybody, whether they’re a huge label, or a indie label, or it’s just a distribution deal or it’s just a publishing deal, like giving up that piece is difficult for me.” Chance is a artist I look up to.