Future Wife


It is 2013 and I am only 13 years old.

Today is the last game of the football season and we just won the title of our league. As 1,000 students are all squished up in one small area of the bleachers, one girl catches my attention. The way she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks and the way she is smiling I just can’t resist. As all my friends see me staring, they all dare me to go talk to her. I don’t have as much confidence and I am kinda awkward with girls. I can’t back down from a dare, though. I see her walk out, and I approach her. I begin to introduce myself, and she introduces herself, and right from there I know she is the one. I know we have a connection from the minute she speaks and I hope she feels the same. Before I leave and walk back to my friends, I quickly ask for her number, and she says, “yes, of course.”

I ask her to go on a date with me to the movies to see The Impossible. I know that I have to make the first move. I put my arm up and slowly place it around her shoulder. She leans on me and cuddle up very close. So many emotions are going through my head with this beautiful girl right next to me. Once the movie ends, my mom picks us up and drops Lara off at her house. I text her that night asking, “Will you be my girlfriend?” She replies, “I thought you’d never ask.”

It is now 2014, and I am a freshman at Grand Blanc High School.

We are now dating for a year, and I want to do something special for our one year anniversary. After school, we walk to Buffalo Wild Wings. We are having such a good time and I find out more things about her and why she is so perfect. A year goes by and our relationship grows even more. We are always telling each other that we will be with together forever and ever and I always believe it, nothing can separate us.IMG_3855.JPG

Finally, the year comes to an end and it is summer time. She knows that I am moving to Philadelphia in August to play for the Philadelphia Union, but she doesn’t want to end our relationship. I tell her every day how much I love her and how much I’m going to miss her when I leave but she doesn’t want to let go of me. After a great month and a half with her, it is time to go. The transition to leave her and my family is very difficult but she knows it is what I want and a great opportunity for me. When we get to the airport, she comes up to me and hugs me tight and says, “We can do this, baby,” then gives me a kiss goodbye.


It is 2017, and I feel the same way for her as I did back in 2013. We now have been dating for 4 years and 2 of them have been in long distance. Although we rarely see each other, it makes the times that we do very special. We know that nothing can stop us no matter how far out we are from each other.

I hope this girl becomes my wife, I’m happy to say, I’m in love.




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